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It's the first time I try a character like Roy for the LJRP scene, so I appreciate knowing how I'm doing.

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Want to thread with Roy but one or both of us don't want to put up a new post/log just for it? This post here is for threading it out at anytime, anywhere.

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[When he regained consciousness, he stood up and study the area around him. This is definitely not the forest outside of Stormfist, or anywhere near the capital or towns he went to before. What’s more important is what happened to him and how it happened.

Did the enemies got to him and separate him from the army?

Tch...how annoying.

It doesn’t take him very long to notice the journal nearby. Cautiously, he walks over and pick it up. The pages he see, read and hear surprised him.

...The hell’s this?

[Later on, after having some conversations over the strange journal, Roy managed to find his way into the village. Despite looking rather casual, he’s studying the village and the residents. Allies, or hidden enemies from the Prince’s army?

He have to be careful around here.

(OOC: Roy got AU’d! Long story short, he’s working for the Godwins.)
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[Roy’s journal is open and recording. Is it on purpose or by accident?]

Oh, now you decided to come for me. Looks like I’ll be off! And don’t forget practice, guys!

[The Drama Group get that directed at them without a filter, since Roy doesn't have enough time to put it up before the droids arrive. Soon enough, there are noises of Roy resisting, follow by some remarks from him to the droids.

Then, silence.
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[Okay, this went on far enough. The group’s been pretty quiet and since it’s New Feathers season, it’s time to advertise and get potential new members. Sure, there’s practice, but they just gotta do a performance or something! Some guy asked him about it, which spurs Roy into action.

Maybe after this, he should look up plays in the library.

Looks like we’re still in the New Feathers cycle, so welcome to Luceti, please enjoy the sights, your new wings and don’t mind your neighbours. I’ll just assume you guys got the basic gist of everything ever, including why you’re unlucky enough to be here and reading the guide.

So who among you are into acting and theatre? And don’t mind putting in the effort? The drama group would be glad to have you among us! Even if you’re an amateur or don’t know how to act, there’s always time and room to learn!

If you’re interested, just let me know. Just ask for Roy and I’ll get to ya.

[After leaving that on the journals, Roy would head out later to the library. He needs to grab a play or two, brainstorm ideas with other members and see what they can perform with their numbers. So he can be found there, reaching for any play books that caught his attention....and probably building up a fair sized book pile. Whoops.]

(OOC: Current members, please take a look at this if I miss you or anything!)
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[It’s a bit of a chilly, windy day. Snuggling in his warm clothes, Roy makes his way over to the bakery. If he’s right and not too far off from his quick mathematics, then today is his birthday.

Normally, that’d mean a small celebration with Faylon and Faylen. They would get what they need and maybe some extras if they can risk it, prior to being recruited by Euram. Before he even met them, he doesn’t bother making a big deal of it and just spend the day normally. If the Rainwall merchants know his birthday, they’d tighten their security more.

But that’s in the past, before he joined a troupe for acting training. He’s not really expecting very much, before Faylon and Faylen came along (something which he both get annoyed by and appreciate). But here in Luceti, no one knows his birthday. There’s no reason to bring it up and despite that he likes attention, he also like some peace and quiet. A sense of stability.

Adjusting his scarf again, he enters the bakery and browses the selection. Cake? Pastries? He can indulge himself, but there’s only a lot he can carry to his apartment.

Afterward, he’d be leaving the bakery…carrying a lot of goodies in their containers and bags in his arms. Which might be curious to anyone else who see him.
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[The horoscopes he read on the journal doesn’t amused him.
You will buy some minors alcohol today.
Your bones are slowly turning to dust. Won’t be long now.
You’ve always been committed to yourself. Stop it.
Succeeding at sucking is not really success.

The alcohol’s alright, as long he doesn’t drink, and why would he stop being committed to himself (ignore the fact that he do think of others)? And who said he’s aiming to suck?

If he have to admit, the one about his bones kind of worry him. But it’s not like he believes in fortune like this.

So the New Feather’s cycle’s done already? No stray, late people popping in at the last minute?

Well, I’ll assume this will get passed along later. All new people and current residents of Luceti, may I please have your attention for this broadcast?

Here in Luceti, we have a small but hardworking drama group. [Drama club, Roy.] People with an interest in the acting arts, regardless of experience, are always welcome to join us!

[Points at the camera with a grin, which is put off by the sudden wince. But he quickly recovers and continue.]

Those with no experience but still want to join? Everyone can help teach you, and if you can’t act for whatever reason? There’s other things you can do, like props set up or supporting music.

[Ouch, why does his body hurt right now? He doesn’t have any injuries as far as he knows or see. Maybe he’s sick? But he can’t show weakness in front of the journals, where people are watching and listening.]

So if anyone’s interested, let me know! Or if you got any quest--[Oh, another wince. Ouch.]--questions, feel free to ask!
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[He was going to call for a meeting for all potential drama club members. But the experiment got in the way, and seeing how everyone acts and think, Roy decided to postponed it.]

About that meeting for the drama group? We'll be having the meeting when there's no experiments going on. [Can you hear his annoyed voice? It's pretty obvious he's annoyed.] It'll be on next week at Good Spirits on Friday.

...At around 11.

[Because there's no school on that day, right? At leas he think there isn't.

After that entry, Roy's heading outside and just watch everyone else. He didn't think much about why he decided to bring his wig along. Maybe for a spur-of-the-moment fun?

Maybe he'd pretend to be the Prince for the day and kiss some 'princesses', when he remembers Frey's latest entry.


Some time after the exchange with the Prince himself, Roy is wandering around the village in his disguise. What is he looking for? Why, fair maidens and princesses to kiss as the handsome prince!

(OOC: Roy's doing the Prince and Pauper as the Pauper. Now he's going around and trying to find princesses to kiss and ruin Frey's image forever. Princesses, maidens and non-princess/maidens are welcomed!)
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Hey, Luceti! Anyone of you went to see that play last weekend? Enjoyed the show?

[It's an idea he's been kicking around for a while. The musical served to increase his interest in getting it going. It's only a matter of getting enough people to join in.]

Who's up for a drama group of a sort? We could get together and practice acting, then perform plays for other people! If you don't know how, then we can teach you along the way. Of course, there'd be some work, like with script writing, finding and handling props. So that's something to think about if you're considering joining.

Love to act and don't mind putting in the effort? [Because he expects to see some effort, dammit.] Then let me, Roy, know!

[He'll figure out meeting place and time after knowing how many people will come. It's no fun if he's the only one there.

Of course, in his eagerness, he kind of left this post rather open to all. yes prince you can see this]

(OOC: There OOC post for this is here, so I'd have an idea who might be ICly interested.)
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[Pathetic filtered from Freyjadour Falenas]

Anyone here got acting experience or worked with actors? 'Cuz I wouldn't mind having someone to help me practice or pointin' things out.

[Later on, Roy will be heading towards House 15, walking past the item shop and over the nearby bridge. He have some business to attend to over there. Namely, stealing Frey's clothes for future...plans, yes. Once he's there, he'll be sneaking inside and over to where he remembers Frey's room is.

Hopefully, no one's around to notice him...

(ooc: Reply to his question or bother Roy while he's going to House 15. House 15 people are free to react.)
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[Stupid arrival into this village aside, Roy’s been settling in pretty well. He got a place to stay for the moment, and most of his stuff was found over the last few weeks at the stores.

Even with the apparent peace and stability, Roy’s getting a little bored.

On another trip to the item store, he glances around until he sees it. Surprised at first, before a smirk forms on his face and he grabs the item: a white wig.

Exiting the store is ‘Freyjadour Falenas’, carrying a bag in one of his hands. Unfortunately, his Prince disguise isn’t with him, so Roy would have to work with being the Prince in his current, casual clothes.

Well, let’s see if his skills have been improved. Roy will be walking around the village, but people can easily find ‘Frey’ at the plaza, stores and around CH4.

(OOC: Roy found the wig for his prince disguise! Which means he’ll look exactly like Frey, and it’s difficult to tell them apart unless they’re Lyon or knows Frey’s speech pattern. Yes, even if their eye colour are different. Frey's thread will be last, chronologically.)
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[Roy's been sleeping rather comfortably in his bed. He had stayed up rather late last night, practicing his lines and expressions. Until he just collapsed into bed.

Which is very warm and soft. Best thing ever, making him move closer to the source of warmth, cuddling rather close to it.


That doesn't feel like a pillow. And is there something in his bed? Opening his eyes, he blinks sleepily and stare at the familiar person next to him.

What the...Prince!?

[Why is the Prince of Falena in his bed!?]

(ooc: Exactly as it sounds. Expect replies from both Roy and [livejournal.com profile] falenandawn .)
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